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Arnie Pechler - Founder
For many years  I have had the opportunity and privilege to work in the Financial Services industry focused on helping people who are nearing and in retirement. Nearly everyone I have met has a huge desire to maintain their  quality of life and independence as long as possible. They want to enjoy their surroundings, friends and family. Many of my clients , who are able, also want to help others to enjoy life. Managing money properly is an important component of this plan, however most of us at some point, will need a helping hand from a caring, qualified person. The reason for my interest in founding 24 Hr. Helping Hands is to put these two groups of people together, and make a meaningful positive difference in our community. My wife Joy, and our long time friend Linda Tome are the perfect people to bring this dream into reality. They will help you and your loved ones keep the promise you have made to each other. Let’s make a difference together! 


                                         We are here to help you . . .

Joy Pechler - Owner
One of Joy's most rewarding activities is to help others out.  Joy's parents and grandparents have always been an inspiration to her.  In the natural aging process, they were the same wonderful people, who could not always do things in the same way as they used to. When Arnie and Joy started seeing so many needs for good, honest, caring assistance, they realized "WE could help out."  Their goal is to help be the difference between seniors leaving their homes, and staying where they are most comfortable and happy. To that end they want to make a difference and feel that 24 Hr. Helping Hands will satisfy that goal. 
You can contact Joy directly at jpechler@24hrhelpinghands.com

Linda Tome - Director
With 30+ years of experience in the Human Resources and Benefits field, Linda brings a sense of client dedication and integrity to the business.  Retired from Kodak / ITT Corporation, she took the summer off and was able to help her mother and mother-in-law whenever they needed assistance.  What if she didn't have this time off . . . who would have taken them to their doctor appointments and help with their bills?  Not everyone has the ability to or time to help out even for the smallest tasks.  She feels strongly that 24 Hr. Helping Hands will make a difference in many lives.  Linda will be focused on effectively matching people who can use some help with people who have the desire and ability to provide the help.  24 Hr. Helping Hands takes great pride in accurately assessing your needs and meeting your expectation of service. They will provide a caring heart, along with a helping hand.
You can contact Linda directly at ltome@24hrhelpinghands.com

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